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We are here to make municipal taxes easier for you.

We understand that taxes can be confusing. Do I need to pay income tax to Ashland? What forms do I need to file? How do I fill them out? Where do I send my payments? If you have questions like these, you are not alone, and we are here to help.

Our purpose is to make tax compliance as easy as possible for you. We are here to help, educate and assist you. We promise to offer a professional, impartial and courteous approach as we work with you.

How Municipal Income Tax Works in Ashland

The City of Ashland utilizes its municipal income taxes to help it operate throughout the year. These taxes allow your community to benefit from our shared local prosperity. Citizens pay taxes based on what they earn. Citizens who are retired or permanently disabled are not required to file or pay these taxes. We realize that sometimes taxes can be a little overwhelming. That's why we're here, when you need us, to help you comply with the law and complete your taxes timely.


                                                                                    ASHLAND TAX RATE IS 2%

*****Please Do Not send your personal information through email to our office.*****


Filing your income tax return with the city is simple:

  1. Fill out the city's short income tax form relevant to your situation
  2. Please make checks or money order payable to Ashland Municipal Income Tax.
  3. Mail the payment to our office, or stop in, say hello and pay with a credit card.

Why Income Tax

A municipal income tax allows the local community to do important and meaningful things. We provide security and help when needed. Our families have the opportunity to participate in recreational events at the several local parks. Roadway maintenance is supported during all the harsh Ohio seasons. Most importantly, income tax allows the citizens to participate in self-government and have a voice in local government operations. 

Where Your Taxes Go

Ashland's local income taxes go directly to our community. They fund the amenities and programs that make our town an interesting, fun and safe place to live. In particular, our local income tax funds our brave first responders, our road maintenance efforts, and our great parks and recreation programs. Read More >>

Help with Ashland Income Taxes

Whether you are an individual, a small business owner, a landlord, or anyone else, we are here to help-we work for you. We understand the ins and outs of local tax laws, and we can help you with the process, from the simplest question to the most confusing. 
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We are proud to work for you and help keep our community safe for our children and to offer the amenities that make Ashland great.

We sincerely invite you to contact us with your questions.

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