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Where Your Taxes Go

As citizens of Ashland, we contribute taxes to improve and support our community. Our city's income tax funds projects that are not covered by state or federal money. It funds services that are integral to the wonderful, safe and enjoyable community we share.

Here's just a few of the things Ashland income tax covers:

First Responders

Ashland income tax funds our first responders like the Ashland Fire Department. The department provides lifesaving services to residents of Ashland County, throughout a 62-square mile area. In 2015, the department responded to almost 4,000 calls. Eighty-two percent of them were medical related, while the remaining 18 percent were fire or rescue emergencies. In addition, the department provides full-time rewarding careers to approximately three dozen residents of the community.

Our taxes also pay for our local police department. Since 1844, the Ashland Police Division has been in operation in one form or the other. For well over 150 years, they have worked to keep us safe, and our tax dollars allow them to continue to do that job. Currently, our taxes support 25 sworn-duty personnel and six civilian employees, as well as a Special Response Team with 12 operators from several cooperating jurisdictions. 

Street Maintenance

Well maintained roads are critical to a functioning town. They allow children to get to school safely and workers to commute easily. In addition, they also help preserve our cars from damage related to potholes or other issues.

To benefit everyone in Ashland, some of our income taxes cover the cost of road maintenance. This includes filling potholes, plowing snow, maintaining alleys, removing litter and more.

Parks and Recreation

Our income taxes also cover many of the city's park and recreation expenses. This includes funding our local parks and playgrounds as well as maintaining basketball courts, tennis courts, and softball and baseball fields. Local income tax also helps pay for the Brookside swimming pool and the mini golf course. These amenities help make our community vibrant, active and fun.

Recreation, of course, isn't just about sports. It's also about gathering as a community and enjoying time together. In light of that, some of the city's income taxes are used to maintain the Guy C. Myer bandshell and fund events like the city's annual free summer time concert series.


Paying Income Tax

Local income tax gives our community the opportunity to collectively pool its resources in ways that benefit the entire community, regardless of income. Our taxes are used for great things that we wouldn't be able to buy on our own as individuals, but in spite of that, they can be confusing and complicated.

We understand and we're here to help. If you have questions about Ashland income tax, we encourage you to contact us directly with your questions and concerns. We can even help you fill out your forms and file them! Check out our I Need Help page for help with individual and business income tax filing, forms, questions and extensions.

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