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Who We Are

We are the Ashland Ohio Municipal Income Tax Division. We work for you-- We are directly accountable to the residents of Ashland, and the City Council and State Government provide oversight for our division.

Just like you, we are local citizens who care deeply about our community. We understand that paying taxes can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming, and because of that, we are here to help make the process easier. 

We are happy to provide you with resources and answer your questions online or in person.


Absolutely Ashland!

We help collect the taxes the make Ashland a great place to live and visit. Wondering how your taxes contribute to the community?

By investing together in our local resources, we make Ashland a safe place to live and raise a family. We ensure that the fire fighters and police officers are ready and well equipped when we need them. Your taxes also fund the parks and recreational programs that provide our community with hours of athletic and artistic events. 

Through your municipal income tax program, we pool your resources to keep your community beautiful, and ultimately, that helps all of us. Whether people are visiting our area for BalloonFest, touring Ashland University with their children or visiting our city for any other reason, your local taxes ensure that we make a great impression. Your municipal income taxes keep our parks green, our streets clean, and our business strong and vibrant.

Your taxes are an investment into our community, our infrastructure and our future, and as citizens, we should all be proud of what we are creating together. 

Why Income Tax?

As individuals, we each contribute a piece of what makes Ashland unique, and that is extremely important. Our individual personalities allow us to be entrepreneurs, builders, artists, teachers or whatever we become.

However, in addition to enriching individual lives, we also have a social aspect and civic duty to support each other. There are many things we can do together that we simply cannot do alone, and that is what makes Ashland strong and so great.

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Links to the Auditor of State, the State of Ohio Income Tax Department, the Internal Revenue Service and other helpful resources.

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Download the forms you need to file your Ashland income tax return.

>> Help With Ashland Income Tax
Learn about requesting extensions or filing your return. Contact us online or arrange in-person help.

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